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My name is Nemanja Jakonić

I'm a self-taught frontend developer, striving to become fullstack developer.


Job Listings

Technologies used: Express, Handlebars, MongoDB, Materialize, Jquery

Budget App

Technologies used: MongoDB, Express, Node, ReactJS

Rock, paper, scissors

Technologies used: HTMl, CSS, JS, Bootstrap 4 , Firebase


Technologies used: ReactJS, Bootstrap 4


Technologies used: HTMl, CSS, Javascript.

Komplet Design

Technologies used: HTMl, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap 4 , jQuery


Technologies used: HTMl, CSS, Javascript, Jquery

Laravel Blog

Technologies used: HTMl, CSS, Bootstrap 4 , Laravel


I'm Nemanja Jakonić, an ambitious self-taught front-end developer from Novi Sad looking for a full-time web development role. I enjoy making beautiful websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery. My code is always clean, maintainable & cross-browser friendly. My current passion is delving further into JavaScript, with a particular focus on ReactJS. When I'm not coding you'll find me swimming, or in a dojo training kendo.

Technologies I currently know and improving :

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